Winstrol only cycle pics

Used for helping to rehab some old injuries whilst us 125mg/wk test e. I used each of deca and eq per week administered using an insulin syringe. Flowed nicely and painlessly through the insulin syringes into my quad. No pip from it in the following days each week, relief from my joint problems started within 2-3 weeks and lasted for the 20weeks whilst I was using higher rep ranges and lower weights to help with my injury rehab. I also added 8lbs in this time when there was no intention of doing so, very good pumps and fullness off such a low dose. The joint issues have still not returned 4 weeks post cycle either. Very pleased with AS labs products so far.

The selegiline and topamax are both legit. They both have the desired effects: appetite decrease with topamax and selegiline. Additionally, I had a chance to observe stimulant potentiation with topamax, and stimulant potentiation/neuroprotective effects from selegiline. Both drugs made other stimulants (meth and MDMA, specifically, which obviously are NOT from naps and NOT something I use often, and do not recommend taking at all for most bodybuilders) significantly more potent. This is not a recommended use, I repeat, DO NOT DO THIS, just because it's not super safe (though it does actually decrease neurotoxicity from these rave drugs). I am sharing this information because it's a useful metric for determining whether or not these two meds were legit, and they were. If anything, read about selegiline neuroprotection against MDMA toxicity. It's incredible how much safer we can make our "bad decisions" when we have the knowledge we need to do so.

Winstrol only cycle pics

winstrol only cycle pics


winstrol only cycle picswinstrol only cycle picswinstrol only cycle picswinstrol only cycle picswinstrol only cycle pics