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You seem incredibly knowledgeable about this thyroid stuff. I've been feeling rotten for years now. After my mother passed away, I and my doctors assumed I was just depressed. I had/have zero energy, sleep way too much, (I honestly feel like I could sleep for a week) and have to force myself to do the daily life things. I also have been recently been swelling badly in my legs and ankles. So I finally got some insurance this year, and decided to go check it out. I told the new to me doctor(family doctor) that after all MY research, hypothyroidism was the most logical answer. So he ordered up a huge array of blood tests. Amazingly, he called me the same night and stated that my thyroid levels were abnormal, and that he was going to start me on a low level of Levothyroxine. (50mcg) once a day in morning an hour before food and other medication. Well, since starting it, the only difference i feel is horrible stomach pain. Upper stabbing, like sandpaper rubbing against my insides. Now, ive had ulcers on and off in my lifetime. Ive been taking Levo for 5 days now. The pain started 4 days ago. Is this from the levo and common place? Or is my ulcer just coincidentally happening at the same time? Any and all experienced answers welcome. Thank you in advance

Several guidelines have emerged over the years, as summarised by Hadji et al 8 , to aid the assessment of fracture risk in women receiving BC treatment, and management of AIBL. In the UK, the guidance in use and recommended by the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) is a UK expert group consensus position statement issued in 2008 (Guidance for the Management of Breast Cancer Treatment-Induced Bone Loss) 9 . This includes two treatment algorithms for the assessment and management of bone loss in early BC: one for women with adjuvant treatment-induced premature menopause and the other for postmenopausal women starting adjuvant AI.

Tarun gill steroids

tarun gill steroids


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