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Thirlwell's music—released under his various project names of Foetus , Wiseblood , Steroid Maximus , Baby Zizanie, Manorexia and others—includes elements of 20th century classical music , noise , big band , Americana , jazz , punk rock , African and Cuban percussion, and epic/horror film soundtracks. Much of Thirlwell's aural output is built on a percussive, rock music-type structure, though to call it rock music would be inaccurate. His music employs elements of many genres: with an often frenzied aesthetic, Thirlwell's music combines percussion, strings, distortion, brass, electric guitars, electronic sounds and voice. Recurring lyrical themes include destruction, persecution, anxiety, abuse, incest, masochism, angst, self-destruction, self-abuse, lust, prejudice, murder, failure and machismo, often expressed using American colloquialism and black humour .

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Steroid maximus gondwanaland blogspot

steroid maximus gondwanaland blogspot


steroid maximus gondwanaland blogspotsteroid maximus gondwanaland blogspotsteroid maximus gondwanaland blogspotsteroid maximus gondwanaland blogspotsteroid maximus gondwanaland blogspot