Steroid injection in hip flexor

I have many environmental and medical allergies , so I'm reluctant to try anything new. But about 6 months ago I began to have excruciating pain in my neck and left arm, like an almost constant electrical shock going all the way down to my fingertips; probably a pinched nerve , according to tests. I had tried an epidural steroid shot many years ago for my long-standing back pain , with little relief, but this pain was level 10, so I got an almost painless cortisone shot in my cervical spine. It was quite miraculous, stopping the shock-like pain the very day of the injection, and my only side effect was a short-lived headache and minor raising of my glucose levels (which subside about a week after each shot). I got a 2nd shot for the residual pain in my arm, again, great results. Decided to try it for my lower back, since that pain has gotten worse over the years, and not much pain relief, but I think the shot is responsible for the lessening of my many recurring leg and foot cramps, which are probably/apparently caused by my back issues. So, I hope to be able to get more shots as needed; when the pain gets to be unbearable, these injections can be a lifesaver!

I too am in the same stage as you - I am off to see two hip surgeons on the 7th and 8th Dec to take their advice (8th is a second opinion and he is a research surgeon). I dont think this steroid is going to last at all, and my surgeon did say they don't always work if that gives you any comfort, and I too share your worries and am glued to all of these discussions!  I know with my own scan the MRI didn't show the osteoarthritis but my Xray did (and this is common apparently) - I have some tasty osteocytes . spurs etc - have you had this done? I had friends winding me up about the steroid not working as much as I had hoped but draw comfort from my scan (and my 1st surgeon's comments) if that is of help.

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Steroid injection in hip flexor

steroid injection in hip flexor


steroid injection in hip flexorsteroid injection in hip flexorsteroid injection in hip flexorsteroid injection in hip flexorsteroid injection in hip flexor