Staffy on steroids

As several people on here have mentioned in the comments some border collies are sensitive to this product. From what I have read in the past, ALL breeds of collies may have a gene that makes them sensitive to Ivermectin, a common heartworm preventative. Other herding breeds such as the GSD are also reported to have this gene. However in GSDs it is much lower, only about 10% of them have it. If you are concerned I would recommend talking to your vet, there are also tests they could take to see if your dog carries this gene. However after reading about this product it says it uses imidacloprid and moxidectin as the active ingredients. I do not know the effects of these ingredients on herding breeds.

I bought a collar for each of my dogs recently, unsure whether they would have an effect or not. My one dog has niggling hips and knees which have of late caused her issues after long walks. It was heart-breaking to see her want to go but then to suffer afterwards. My terrier had cut down the walks that she wanted to go on with us too. I did not want to commit either dog to a life of medication so opted to try a collar. I am incredibly pleased to report that both dogs have improved dramatically in just three short weeks, I wish I had bought the collars before. My terrier is back to full gusto with her walks and the lab/husky is back to her puppy state despite rising 9. I am so pleased that they have their personalities back long may it continue!!

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Staffy on steroids

staffy on steroids


staffy on steroidsstaffy on steroidsstaffy on steroidsstaffy on steroidsstaffy on steroids