Old steroid users

Robert Tan, ., founder and director of the Houston-based OPAL Medical Clinic, which focuses on men’s health, has one explanation: “Public policy and public opinion have been based on people who use steroids in larger amounts,” he says. Tan, whose practice has been incorporating hormone replacement therapy for 15 years, says that in Texas, “every prescription is tracked by the DEA, so a lot of physicians are not comfortable. If I write a lot of steroids prescriptions, very soon they’ll be knocking down my door and looking at my records.”

3) Lacking of Training Foundation Leads to Reliance on Steroids : Where someone, of any calendar age, hasn’t built the training base where they KNOW how to train and get good long term results without steroids, then all too frequently the result of early (relative to “training age”) steroid use is that the user becomes dependent on steroids and either winds up on them constantly, or alternates between using steroids and training seriously with not using steroids and having a defeatist attitude during these periods and not only not accomplishing anything, but backsliding seriously.

Old steroid users

old steroid users


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