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To save lives, alleviate suffering, and minimize the economic costs of conflict, disasters and displacement. Humanitarian assistance is provided on the basis of need according to principles of universality, impartiality and human dignity. It is often organized by sectors, but requires an integrated, coordinated and/or multi-sectoral approach to be most effective. Emergency operations will foster the transition from relief, through recovery, to development, but they cannot and will not replace the development investments necessary to reduce chronic poverty or establish just social services.

Dr. Bianca Garilli is a former US Marine turned Naturopathic Doctor. She is the Director of Lifestyle Medicine at the Institute for Restorative Health in Davis, CA. In addition to her clinical practice, she also consults for nutritional supplement companies, teaches holistic nutrition at Hawthorn University, is active in writing for the professional and public audiences and routinely lectures on a wide variety of medical and wellness topics. Dr. Garilli specializes in natural and nutritional approaches to chronic disease with a focus on CFS, fibromyalgia, GI conditions, migraines, and ADD/ADHD. For further information, visit

   “To invest in the Patchliner was a straightforward choice for the Vanderbilt Screening Center. This instrument combines a set of features that was particularly important to us. (...) Unlike other planar patch clamp devices we considered, the Patchliner gave us full access to the  electrophysiology modes we require for a broad range of experimental protocols including voltage clamp, current clamp, standard whole cell, cell attached, and perforated patch configurations combined with a facile ability to exchange the internal solution. (...) In a short time the Patchliner has already begun to expand Vanderbilt investigators’ horizons regarding what they can accomplish with electrophysiology.”

Octo med laboratories steroids

octo med laboratories steroids