Iv steroids for allergic reaction

Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction, which can cause shock, low blood pressure, and occasionally death.  Food allergies, including allergy to peanuts and tree nuts, are said to account for the majority of fatal or near fatal anaphylactic reactions in the .  Care is taken especially when chemotherapy medications are known to be common allergic reaction producers, to pre-medicate to prevent or lessen reaction.  If a drug has caused a severe allergic reaction in the past it will unlikely be used in the future.  It is important to report any allergies or allergic reactions to drugs taken in the past to your health care professional.

The human body has a unique defense system called the immune system. The task of immune system is to fight germs and protect the body from infections and diseases. The immune system can sometimes lead to allergic reactions which are nothing but false alarms in most of the cases. Sneezing, swelling, runny nose, itching, asthma or rashes are few of the symptoms that can be caused by allergies. Allergies can be diagnosed by skin and blood tests. Allergy shots, medicines and avoidance of allergens are few of the treatments. Steroid shot for allergies is one such treatment for allergic reactions. For those who don’t know, steroids are man-made medications with anabolic-androgenic steroids (a male sex hormone) and anti-inflammatory corticosteroids as its main types.

My daughter was bitten 5 times by black ants which may have been fire ants. Within 5 minutes she was complaining she was cold and her ears hurt. 15 minutes later as we pull into the restaurant we were to eat at she, rubbing her ears fiercely, seemed lethargic and unable to walk. Getting a better look at her I see her face is swollen and eyelids are covered in a rash. Her ears seemed like twice their normal size. I rushed her to the hospital which was a ten minute drive by which time she seemed to be more aware and able to talk. By the time the doctor saw her she was laughing and her normal self aside from slight swelling in her face and a rash covering most of her body. After a short observation period and 8ml of benadryl we were given the go ahead and dismissed. This happened 2 days ago and after 24 hours of benadryl everything seems normal. She’s a toddler about 30 lbs. Amy thoughts

Iv steroids for allergic reaction

iv steroids for allergic reaction


iv steroids for allergic reactioniv steroids for allergic reactioniv steroids for allergic reactioniv steroids for allergic reactioniv steroids for allergic reaction