Epistane prohormone or steroid

The longest running legal steroid in production today, it is anyone’s guess how much longer it will remain on the market. It has twice escaped legislation (2008, 2012) despite the best efforts of congress to remove all steroids from the supplement industry. That is unlikely to happen again. If you have never used Epistane, it may be something to consider, especially if you are one of the many individuals who have a difficult time tolerating the side effects of the harsher orals. It will not pile on the mass like Anadrol, but gains preservation is superior, allowing to you keep a greater percentage of the muscle you do gain.

Epistane can be taken as a stand alone PH (prohormone) or it can be taken as part of a stack, if you are just starting out it is advised that you take Epistane alone without stacking it with any other prohormones, with that said, you will always need to stack it with some supporting products to get the best results, for example, even though this is a mild product with minimal sides, we still strongly advise taking liver support throughout your cycle and then follow this with a PCT, for this we recommend a natural testosterone booster such as PH Formulations Testo Plus.

Epistane prohormone or steroid

epistane prohormone or steroid


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