Distended stomach steroids

I ended up with breathing issues as my abdomen was feeling so crowded, along with the bowel and stomach issues. I went to the emergency room and turns out I have some level of ascites going on. I was drained and felt almost instant relief. About 2 days post draining I experienced some pretty good discomfort as my ribs and innards readjusted back to more of a normal position. I am currently being treated as if I have liver disease although the testing they did on the fluid and blood work did not show this to be so. If the ascites returns on this diet/life style and prescription changes they will do exploratory surgery to look for cancer. I did have abnormal cells in the ascidic fluid and it was straw/hay colored and quite cloudy. The fluid seems to be returning – wondering if you might recommend any other ideas or thoughts on how I am proceeding?

I have to agree that the only valid point is the first one. The other points would be negligible at best and certainly not affect a high level natural bodybuilder. Body builders eat often but not such obscene amounts of food at a time that would make their stomachs protrude chronically. Heavy lifting also just doesn’t make your stomach stick out like these guys either. Maybe genetics could play a roll but I really doubt that too, particularly with the pros. Make no mistake at all, bodybuilders with stomachs like this are on or were HGH and/or insulin injections,.

Distended stomach steroids

distended stomach steroids


distended stomach steroidsdistended stomach steroidsdistended stomach steroidsdistended stomach steroidsdistended stomach steroids