Bedste steroider piller

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It's easy to gain positive labels, but it's just as easy to lose them. Where as it's easy to gain a negative label, but it's hard to lose one. It's like the difference between having a modded controller with 130 dollar Control Freaks, throwing it against the wall in rage and having to use the cheeto crusted, 20 dollar piece of shit you're fat younger brother uses to record his shitty Minecraft let's plays. You had it, you fucked it up and now you have to bust your ass flipping burgers in McDonald's to get 300 dollars to get a new one with all the customizations you had before.

Ok, i switxhed mid cycle from a very well known private, but was a top source. I was getting good gains and didn't really have a problem with his stuff, but after reading about MP and Phoenix and both being awesome brewers i had to venture over to the metroverse lol.
Testc 250.
Man ive enjoyed this oil from the first couple weeks. It pins smooth as butter and has NO pip even with a quad pin. I keep my dose around 500mgs a week, my skin seemed a little more oily, my sex drive through the roof and strength seemed to have kicked up a notch or so after a couple weeks. I had been on test from another source for almost 10 weeks but i could "feel" the difference after a couple weeks on MP. Could be placebo affect, maybe not. I actually set a few PRs after those couple weeks as well. My body has changed alot since i started this cycle, my bf has dropped dramatically. im sure most is from diet and cardio, but sometimes i didn't always keep either in check like i should have.
Deca 250
Now heres the awesome oil that ive grown to love. I again was on another's deca for 10 weeks and decided why not go with MP on this as well. I was running 400mgs a week. In a matter of about 2 weeks my weight went up, but waist size down. When i started MP'S deca i was around 245ish wearing a 38" waist. In about 2-3 weeks i was up to 256ish in a 34/36" waist. Not much bloat, joints felt absolutely amazing. I suffer from arthritis (thanks grandpa lol), so deca is a godsend for me. I was doing good with the other deca i had, but MP'S gear was even better. Strength increase was there as well but i have to say the joint relief was amazing.
I can say when i started on his adex i was feeling like my estro was to high, you know...shedding a tear at the SPCA commercials, wanting to watch "the notebook" with the ol lady and crying at the end...well i had to do something about it quick before the ol lady and i started sharing feelings and the same bra size. Man after a week my estro was def back in check. What little bloat i did have was gone by week 2, morning afternoon and evening wood. Fantastic feeling.

Bedste steroider piller

bedste steroider piller


bedste steroider pillerbedste steroider pillerbedste steroider pillerbedste steroider pillerbedste steroider piller