Aminoacidos anabolicos

Your Wallet On ISO_Carb Vs. Premium Carb Products

There are more reasons we decided to go with Dextrose than just the obvious benefits. We chose to not go the route of HBCD (Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin) due to the high price points and the saturation of those products in the market. There are countless brands launching these carb products – with price points nearly double that of ISO-Carb. These products are selling for $50+… for a carb?! There HAD to be an option for price conscious consumers that still want a high quality, effective carbohydrate.

Carbs Simplified

ISO-Carb is a throwback to simple, effective carbohydrate supplementation. Dextrose is a simple (sugar) carb. Being a sugar based carbohydrate, dextrose digests extremely fast making it the perfect source for post-workout muscle glycogen replenishment. Muscle glycogen levels can be drastically reduced after your workout/training. It is essential to replenish glycogen levels post-workout to properly recover and create an environment for muscle growth. Dextrose is a high-glycemic carb, which also initiates an insulin spike after consumption. This helps maximize the uptake and utilization of other nutrients in additional to rebooting glycogen stores.

Stack The Results

As we mentioned, high-glycemic carbs provide an insulin spike that maximize the uptake and absorption of other nutrients like amino acids, creatine and protein. This is why we recommend taking ISO-Carb along with ISO-AMINO, Clean Protein and Creatine Monohydrate. ISO-Carb in combination with these products will put your body into grow-mode.

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Aminoacidos anabolicos

aminoacidos anabolicos


aminoacidos anabolicosaminoacidos anabolicosaminoacidos anabolicosaminoacidos anabolicosaminoacidos anabolicos